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At one Aircraft Management we can place your aircraft in our fleet insurance policy. With better coverage worldwide* and less struggle to approve individual pilots or specific operations, our broad insurance policy allows you more flexibility and discounts of around 25% from normal market prices for stand alone policies.*worldwide excludes war-zone countries or black-listed countries.

Back-office accounting

At one Aircraft Management we are ready to take over all accounting related tasks involving your flight department.Our accounting department will parse through every single invoice making sure all quantities and amounts of charges are correct and pertinent. They input them into our system, schedule payments, make the payments and periodically – chosen by you – report the status of all aircraft payment with cashflow forecast and flight department statistics. Coming soon – online dashboard to monitor operations and accounting of your aircraft.


At one Aircraft Management we have a dispatch team who interacts with you to schedule your aircraft, your crew, and your aviation related services with ease. With connections with a worldwide network of service providers, our staff will ensure your best experience throughout your aviation journey.

Dispatching / Flight Planning

At one Aircraft Management we have a dispatch team that will take care of all your operational needs. Your flight plans, overflight permits, landing permits, special operation approvals, our team is ready to streamline the process and get you on your way!

Staff payroll and benefits

At one Aircraft Management we have a payroll system and accounting ready to support your staff’s need. We handle all interviewing, vetting, hiring, onboarding of your staff – pilots and cabin attendants – and after your approval we handle all day-to-day activities related to payroll and benefits for your staff.

Crew expense tracking

At one Aircraft Management we handle and manage all your employee’s expenses. From the beginning of the process, we set expense rules, approval flows, expense reporting, approving, reimbursing. We use a mobile compatible software that allows your employees to keep up and manage all expenses with ease.

Operational reports

At one Aircraft Management we provide a variety of online reports that allows you to have a picture of your aviation department at your fingertips. Examples are hours flown per month, total yearly expenditure, budget deviation reports, etc.

Maintenance tracking and planning

At one Aircraft Management we can provide as a separate service all maintenance tracking tasks and planning. Our maintenance personnel will make sure your aircraft is up to date on all maintenance tasks, they will keep your tracking software updated and help on determining the best times to stop the aircraft for maintenance to minimize downtime throughout the year and optimize your operation.

Training management and scheduling

At one Aircraft Management we manage all your training necessities. Pilots, cabin attendants, mechanics, etc. We ensure your staff is getting the best quality training to maximize your safety. Our in-house training programs and industry experience will prepare your staff to avoid most erratic conditions and mitigate unusual situations with all resources at their disposal.
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